bar flora

urban cocktailbar

Bar Flora is an urban cocktail bar at Peak 12 Hotel, where international ambitions are spiced with Scandinavian quality products and sustainability. This approach is reflected both in the decoration of the bar as well as the content and presentation of the cocktails.  

Thus, the name “Flora” both reflect the green and natural atmosphere of the bar, as well as the organic and homemade ingredients in our cocktails. The bar is open to both overnight and outside guests. 

Opening hours:

  • Monday – Wednesday: 5 pm –  12 am
  • Thursday – Saturday: 5 pm – 2 am
  • Sunday: Closed

cocktail card

the taste of quality

At Bar Flora we combine home-made ingredients, good craftsmanship and a Scandinavian touch from, for example  Stauning, Mosgaard and Thy Whisky. You can explore our cocktail card below.

The bar also has a strong focus on ecology. Several of our cocktails are made from organic products or labeled with the EU organic logo. When you see the green label, it means that your cocktail is both organic and produced according to the guidelines in the EU Organic Regulations. 

tasting & course

a uniqe experience

At Bar Flora it is possible to attend fantastic cocktail courses and tastings with a special focus on a specific spirit. In collaboration with our bar manager, Jesper Skov, we put together an exciting day with different flavor types and history of the spirit in question. For example, tonic tasting, a course in a specific cocktail or differences between Danish and American whisky.

Are you interested in hearing more about how we can tailor a great cocktail tasting or a fun course? For further information contact our bar manager on phone: +45 8877 3400 or mail:


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